Strategic • Sales Leader • Accountable

Director of Sales was one of those big ideas that needed scale to succeed; wrap the globe in a grid, then sell location relevant advertising to businesses, one piece of the grid at a time.

As with any startup, I wore multiple hats, building & leading the sales team, building strategic partnerships, all while pitching our Series A to hand-picked investors, and then to anyone that would take our call.

I pulled together my sales team from some of the best I’d worked with in my past. We were lean, hungry and aggressive.

I fearlessly called on the largest publishers in North America and was successful in signing deals with The New York Times, Hearst Corp and others all while leveraging and expanding our relationship with MapQuest.

I learned a tremendous amount during this “year of living dangerously”; start-ups are addicting, LaGuardia over JFK, and skip the in-flight movie and catch up on emails.

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