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brief introduction of myself

Welcome to my site, here you’ll find my resume, links to
my social media accounts, and some further details about me.
I was born in Vancouver and live in Yaletown


I’m a seasoned leader from a strong sales & marketing background. I’m a champion of company culture. I have excelled within companies that disrupt established processes and marketplaces. I am an agent of change and performance. I’ve worked for bootstrapped startups surviving off receivables to well funded divisions within larger organizations. My experience has shown me that it’s critical to set the right strategy and structure, then focus on the people and culture to turn the strategy into results.
I’ve had deep exposure and insight into a number of industries- Software, Hospitality, Consumer Finance, and Advertising. As a result, I have a unique ability to employ the right technology along with building the right team.
My experience has taught me:
- Everyone has ideas, Execution is the key, and I excel at this
- I jump in with both feet
- I start strong, and I finish even stronger
- I build winning teams
- Culture & vision motivate people, money is surprisingly far down the list
I enjoy making new connections so reach out to me if you want to talk about technology,
business or just trash on the Yankees.

Insights about me, according to Myers/Briggs

97% Extraverted

49% Observent

57% Thinking

65% Judging

89% Assertive


Executives are representatives of tradition and order, utilizing their understanding of what is right, wrong and socially acceptable to bring families and communities together. Embracing thevalues of honesty, dedication and dignity, people with the Executive personalitytype are valued for their clear advice and guidance, and they happily lead the way on difficult paths. Taking pride in bringing people together, Executives often take on roles as community organizers, working hard to bring everyone together in celebration of cherished local events, or in defense of the traditional values that hold families and communities together.

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Strategic sales leader with the knowledge, experience and drive to succeed. Extensive experience with a proven track record to deliver high performing teams, build relationships and deliver results.

work experience

my professional background

Vancouver, Canada
Director of Business Development – Hospitality dominates the online job board space for hospitality and swelled to 100+ employees prior to it’s acquisition by onTargetJobs. I built the major accounts division from just myself calling on the largest hotel brands and management companies, to a team of 16 that generated one third of total company revenue. I handcrafted our sponsorship with the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) that gave us premium exposure to “C” level hospitality executives, and as important, Vice President’s that made the purchasing decisions. I sat on the Allied Executive Committee of the AH&LA which was the voice of the supplier community. I received my...

Vancouver, Canada
Director of Sales was one of those big ideas that needed scale to succeed; wrap the globe in a grid, then sell location relevant advertising to businesses, one piece of the grid at a time. As with any startup, I wore multiple hats, building & leading the sales team, building strategic partnerships, all while pitching our Series A to hand-picked investors, and then to anyone that would take our call. I pulled together my sales team from some of the best I’d worked with in my past. We were lean, hungry and aggressive. I fearlessly called on the largest publishers in North America and was...

Hospitality Designs
Richmond, British Columbia
Vice President of Sales

Commercial interior design for the hospitality industry. 100 employees I'm responsible for overall sales for two business units, including our channel partner sales via Icon Furniture. My sales team is currently 17 strong and growing. I'm passionate about innovation and I've been successful in driving enhancements in sales process which has provided incredible insights. Insights that have transformed the organization from opportunistic, to strategic, focused and lean. I've restructured the Sales team with calculated precision to maximize our sales results and return on investment. These changes reverberate throughout the organization and create an aligned go to market strategy that has increased efficiency and effectiveness. I'm...

Vancouver, Canada
Sales Manager

Vivonet is a multi-channel cloud based SaaS software for the hospitality industry. My team sold software subscriptions to the SMB restaurant market throughout North America. In this incredibly competitive space I championed a highly targeted, custom video ad campaign that drove leads and recurring subscription revenue. I managed all of our partner sales channels; training, development and communication were key to driving channel sales....

Vancouver, Canada
General Manager

Everyday we made a difference in the lives of Canadians that were struggling with consumer debt. I transformed the company whose business processes were firmly planted in the 1990’s to using technology to accelerate the business in three key areas, communication, marketing and operations. In an incredibly competitive industry, we enjoyed first mover advantage with the deployment of our mobile site, video advertising series, hyper local SEO campaigns, and social media usage. The Company, and the industry, were begging for transformation, I was successful in leading the Company through the largest evolution in it’s 18 year history and set the foundation for future...


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3945 West 51st Ave,
Vancouver BC